Wedding Bells – Ben and Deanna

Okay, so this was actually last weekend but I have been incredibly busy at uni this week and also processing the actual photos. This wedding was the first one that I had been to in over 10 years so it was as close enough to a first for me as anything. And this time, I also had a camera with me. I didn’t take my 40D but instead took up a friend on his offer of a loan of his 5D, holy trinity of L primes and the 24L. Was certainly a killer combo as far as gear goes but having only primes and one body did get annoying. Anyways, more photos after the jump.

The rest so far are in a set on my flickr that can be found here. I will be adding more as I get time to process them. Can’t wait for some of the paid ones later in the year though.


3 Responses to Wedding Bells – Ben and Deanna

  1. Crewe says:

    Hey, how much processing did you do to these? The colours are amazing, and the images are sharp! I remember you mentioned in a previous post that the 5D had an excellent tonal range, but with a full frame sensor I would expect no less.
    I know what you mean about shooting prime, can be a bit of a hassle, but it makes you look busy, and more professional 😉 moving in, out and every-which-way.

  2. Sam says:

    Close to nothing really. Just white balance, up the contrast and fix a few exposures in Lightroom 2 as well as sharpening and some noise reduction in it as well.

    Im also pretty sure that with the same processing and the right lenses, I could have gotten the same results from the 40D.

  3. Sally says:

    Wow and you (nor your friend) were the photographer at the wedding with all that equipment? Nice results, how fun to use someone elses gear without the rental fees!

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