Brisbane – The Details

Decided to take a walk around town yesterday to snap some photos as I hadn’t been out in a while. Besides the photos of the Lord Mayor (see previous post), I also got a few shots of things that I must admit I have never noticed before or been too busy to notice. I also had an idea for a new project while I was out, so more on that to come soon hopefully.


The Lord Mayor

Now, its not often that I take photos of people. So when I do, I try and make them either important people or photos that have potential to earn me some cash. Of course, I just got lucky that I was in the same place that the Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Campbell Newman, was.

6×6 Magic

Okay, so they might not be the greatest photos in the world but I only started developing the few rolls of black and white 120 film that I had in the fridge. Some very old stuff that I had forgotten taking, so a few surprises. Still not all that great with developing so I have some very much over done negatives as well. Anyway, had a few kind of turn out okay and I still have one roll left to go. Will see if I get anything useful of that one.

It is just so cool holding 120 negatives in your hands. After being used to 135 negs, these things are just, wow. Can’t wait to shoot a few rolls of 120 slide film because I have heard that seeing them first hand is one of the best feelings in photography. Oh yeah, all these were shot on Kodak T-MAX 400 using my Yashica-Mat, dev times were anywhere between 6 mins and 4 mins in Kodak HC-110 depending on what temp the solution was.

Why Hello There Old Friend

Now, since uni is so very nearly over for the year I have decided to break out the film gear with the hope of actually developing more of it over the break. So starting from tomorrow, I will be shooting with some of the gear I have more frequently. Pulled my old TLR out of its bag today to find it still had half a roll of film waiting to go in it, so it should be interesting to see what comes out of it.

I know, she is very visably used and abused (was like that before I got it, I swear) but she is mah baby. Picked it up for only $5 (and it shows), so getting it serviced and repaired won’t worry me.

New Bag Goodness

Had a bit of a win on the horse races the other day and decided to treat myself. So I bought a large Crumpler Bundle today. Photos and first thoughts after the jump.

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Been A While

Yes, it has been a hell of a long time since I last posted anything here. A couple of months in fact. Well, what has been happening? Lots, but not really of the good kind. Life took a few turns for the worse a month back and I am still getting myself back on track.

I had also been using Ubuntu as my sole OS for about two months and while I was getting on great with it, I really was missing Lightroom waaay too much. So here I am, back on Vista because of one program and because Adobe refuses to port their software over to Linux. The OS was great though (Ubuntu 8.04 LTS) and I had some good alternatives to Lightroom, I just missed having my workflow encased in one program as opposed to several. That and I now can play some games every now and then and use iTunes again as well. We shall see how it goes though. I may cave and go buy a mac or you never know, Adobe may announce that they have released Lightroom and the rest of their Creative Suite for Linux. Whe that day comes, I see a lot of Windows and Mac based photographers making the switch. I mean, why not? It is free, more stable than Windows ever could be and fully customizable and expandable. For the first time in my life, Linux was easy to use and actually worked for me (overlooking the absense of Lightroom). By the looks of it, I will be keeping a Debian or Fedora server running for dad as well, after he had a few problems with Windows Home Server.

Anyways, uni and life in general has gotten in the way of taking many photos, but the semester is now over and I only have two exams so expect a bit more in that regard very soon.