New Bag Goodness

Had a bit of a win on the horse races the other day and decided to treat myself. So I bought a large Crumpler Bundle today. Photos and first thoughts after the jump.

I had decided a while ago that instead of handing over a lot of money for a new camera bag, I would try and add to my current 6 Million Dollar Home so it was more functional and that I could carry more. The Bundle range were the obvious choice to keep the looks the same. Well, I finally got my hands on the biggest one they sell and I really do wish that they made a larger one again. I can fit my 430EX in it fine, which frees up space for another lens/flash in the main bag, but getting a lens in the Bundle is a bit of a stretch. It can be done, depending on the lens, but it is tight.

In my usual bag packing form, the flap only just closes properly (velcro to velcro) with the flash in it but if need be, the clip is there as well like on the big bag.

I must say, I really like it. Im probably going to get another for the other side to make the bag look a bit more balanced, but at the price they charge for them, it shouldn’t take long to get one. And hey, we all love more bags don’t we?


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