6×6 Magic

Okay, so they might not be the greatest photos in the world but I only started developing the few rolls of black and white 120 film that I had in the fridge. Some very old stuff that I had forgotten taking, so a few surprises. Still not all that great with developing so I have some very much over done negatives as well. Anyway, had a few kind of turn out okay and I still have one roll left to go. Will see if I get anything useful of that one.

It is just so cool holding 120 negatives in your hands. After being used to 135 negs, these things are just, wow. Can’t wait to shoot a few rolls of 120 slide film because I have heard that seeing them first hand is one of the best feelings in photography. Oh yeah, all these were shot on Kodak T-MAX 400 using my Yashica-Mat, dev times were anywhere between 6 mins and 4 mins in Kodak HC-110 depending on what temp the solution was.


2 Responses to 6×6 Magic

  1. norbsy says:

    They are terrific photos. Can’t wait to get some time to play with my Yashi.

  2. juiced says:

    I like the last one.

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