Coffee And Cameras

As is an all too common occurence in any circle of photographers, meet ups tend to revolve around coffee. For the few of us local folk from POTN, our coffee vendor of choice is Campos, on Wandoo st in the Valley (best coffee in Brisbane!). We have a habbit of starting our outings from there and moving on to other things later in the day.

A few of us got together on Sunday afternoon to swoon over Greg’s new 1Dmk3 and of course, down all the coffee we could. Also got my lensbaby back from Helen, didn’t really miss it in the 11 months she had it… haha.

After a good hour or so of playing pass the 1D3 and other important lens talk, we made the move to the botanic gardens at Mt Coot-tha. Slim pickings in the way of subjects, but we made the most of it.


One Helluva Update

Yeah, I know, I’m bad. Waaaay too long since my last post. Full time work does that to you, especially data entry work, spend all day looking at a computer screen and the last thing I want to do when I get home is look at a computer screen all night too. Although its not so bad now I’m using a mac, got to love that font smoothing.

Anyways, epic picture update after the jump. You know you want to 😉

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