St Patrick’s Day

Well, nothing from the actual day, but how about the parade we had in town the weekend before? It was pretty good too, even when it did start raining ridiculously heavily. The whole set as usual, can be found on my flickr in this set.









Another Two Weeks

Cant be stuffed writing much tonight, should be doing uni work so I will go back to that soon. After I make two posts though. This one for my 52 weeks project and the other, well, just wait and see. So without further ado, I present to you weeks 7 and 8.

Week 7. New Toy

Week 8.

52 Weeks Goes On

It is still going, one a week is a hell of a lot easier than one a day… Up to week 6 now, so there is only 46 more weeks to go. This weeks photo would have been a bit more interesting, but come today, I was just massively worn out from the previous week and juggling work and uni and everything else that is going on. So here is weeks 3 to 6 to bring what I have showed on here up to date (with weeks 1 and 2 posted in this post).

In other news, those who have visited the blog in the last few weeks will notice the theme change. Just trying out some of the new free wordpress themes. Also considering purchasing a domain name and some server space and moving to my own site to get a bit more freedom with the blog. Will see if it is worth it at the end of the month with how much this gets used.

Somewhere, Beyond the Sea

Ahh.. how else could I start off a post about a cruise? I know, I have been home over a week now, but things have been hectic, not to mention heading back to uni. Anyways, not going to talk much in this one, rather let the photos do that for me. Will just mention that we went to Noumea (New Caledonia), missed out on Lifou and instead enjoyed an extra night in Port Vila (Vanuatu). Quite possibly the best week I have had and it definitely beat the last two cruises I had done. Anywho, the photos! Of course, the whole set can be found here.

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