New Monitor, Good and Bad

Last weekend I bit the bullet and got myself a replacement screen as an upgrade from the venerable Viewsonic 17″ 4:3 LCD I have had for years. Being a poor student who isn’t all that fussed about a completely colour accurate screen, I got myself an affordable Acer 23″ HD widescreen LCD (x233Ha to be exact). The extra real estate is lovely, I must admit and the colour doesnt seem too off.

Now, two days after I bought it I noticed a bright red stuck pixel. Oh no, I thought. Of all the colours, it had to be red, which sticks out like anything when watching movies or playing the XBOX 360 through it (another reason I got the HD screen). So I make contact with the store I got it from who said to get in touch with Acer and see what their warranty policy is with stuck pixels. Long story short, no one wants to know about it with only one and Acer won’t take it back unless there are more than 5. Not good enough for a less than week old screen in my opinion. Oh well, at least it doesn’t stick out too much when using Lightroom…


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