Pure Laziness

This isn’t about me being lazy as far as taking photos is concerned (although I have been), more about other things. Way back at the start of last year I managed to drop my Sigma 24-60 f/2.8 and it has never been the same since. It is fine if you are focusing on things closer than say, 80cm but any further and your images turn to mush. It never had any local warranty as I bought it from a guy overseas and because Sigma (along with Pentax) don’t distribute their products themselves in Australia I will have to deal with C.R. Kennedy again. These guys love charging Aussies way too much for nearly everything they sell and unfortunately handle the repairs for the brands they import and distribute here.

The cost of repairs shouldn’t be too much, it is just I can’t be stuffed dealing with the hassle of packing it up, sending it to them and waiting around until they decide to give me a quote for the fix. It is a shame too, was a very nice lens before I dropped it…


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