Slipping Standards or Just Being Cynical?

I remembered yesterday that I still had an account set up over at deviant Art so I decided to log in and see how long it had been since I showed it some love. Last upload was something like the 9th of October last year and the last journal entry was a rather emotional one from the 2nd of that month. So after getting used to the layout changes they had made to the site in the last nine months, I set about updating a few things and started looking around to see how my fellow dA users were going with their artistic adventures.

Now back when I used to frequent the site, the quality of submissions was over all very good. People had obviously put time and effort into taking the photos in the first place and then chosen only their best to upload and into the right categories. Now though it seems as though a blurry, over exposed photo of a man hole cover taken with an iPhone on a whim counts as serious street photography. There are photos that people have just thrown into whatever category they want (a webcam self portrait of an angsty teen and her equally angsty and immature boyfriend in the urban life one for example), photos of anything with way too many cheap and nasty photoshop filters applied to them that you can barely see the subject and an artistic nude section that could make some porn sites jealous.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still some great works of art on there, you just have to dig a little longer through everything else to find the occasional inspirational gem.


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