You Gotta Love This City

The Whitlams sure got it right with their 1999 song “You gotta love this city” of the Love This City album. Sure, they were singing about Sydney and not Brisbane, but the song still applies. In the recent months I had been mulling over the possibility of packing up and moving south to Sydney or Melbourne because I was bored of Brisbane and desperate for a change but in the last week or so and after spending some time in the city, I don’t want to leave. Sure, it isn’t as big as the other two but I see that as a good thing. There is just this sleepy city charm about the place. Also like that it doesn’t take upwards of an hour to walk from one end of the CBD to the other…

Anyway, I made a last minute decision this afternoon to jump in the car and head for Wilson’s Lookout (see the blue marker on this map), a place visited frequently by my local snapping colleagues but never ventured to by myself. Well, this place was the last nail in the coffin for the idea of moving southward. Would have to be my new favourite place in the city and as the sun slowly sets behind the buildings and the lights start to flicker on, it is probably one of the most beautiful in town as well.


2 Responses to You Gotta Love This City

  1. Starsquid says:

    Very nice and clean shot! 🙂

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