Let me take you on a holiday

Instead of writing the usual BS about not posting in forever and a day, I will instead skip to some content. Firstly though, my camera did decide to stop working on me one day and I was incredibly slack getting it repaired. At the moment it is sitting at the Canon offices at Cannon Hill (fitting location no?) waiting for me to pick it up which will be in a weeks time.

Now! It is indeed yet another cruise but this one was a big one. Big in the event, not big in length of the holiday terms… This one was another two night cruise from Sydney to Brisbane on the Pacific Dawn for Oz Cruise Club’s Christmas Party. It’s a bit of an extreme thing to do for a Christmas Party but there isn’t really anything else you can do for a club based around cruising right? Anyway, on with the photos.

There was of course, a rather large ship…

Great views and great places to view them from…

A bit of partying…

And as always, some great food…

Om nom nom

Not a lot has happened since then photographic wise other than a recent development in that I will be looking to branch into some slightly less amateurish work and setting up an identity for myself that isn’t just a personal thing. Keep a lookout soon for Red Ribbon Studios. I will of course keep updating this site as often as I can with more general posts, but as I attempt to get into the paid field, there will be more posted on a dedicated site.


Losing It

It’s official. I am in a photographic funk and have been for quite some time now. Getting out of it is proving to be ridiculously difficult and is frustrating me beyond belief. The other day, I ventured into the city with the sole intention of taking photos. Of course, I lugged my gear around for a good 6 hours and took nothing. Nothing at all! The camera didn’t even leave my bag once.

I really am starting to think that the 40D is to blame. Now I know we aren’t supposed to blame our equipment but I was just much more pleased with my photos when I was shooting with the 20D. Everything about the images just seemed to pop more and I rarely ended up in situations like this. Looking at my normal sources of inspiration is proving to be not so useful as well which is a tad annoying… I am however going on a little shoot next weekend with an old friend from school, Hayleigh (blog, Flickr) so hopefully I will be able to take at least a couple of photos then haha. Actually, it has been a while since I have just wandered around town with some company and my camera, so maybe that is why I have started to lose interest.

In other news, I am now the official photographer for Oz Cruise Club, a site which I have been involved with for a fair while now. So I have an excuse every now and then to take photos at least ;). With the second and third official club group cruises organised and with me booked on them, I will be able to shoot a bit more than I am now. I will also be going along to land based events in Brisbane and also Newcastle and Sydney when I am able to organise flights and accommodation. We had a quick breakfast/lunch meet and greet last Wednesday which was great fun. Took my first large group photo with the strobes as well and well, I still have a lot to learn about lighting. Happy with the results none the less though.

And of course there was a ship involved as well (same one I went on back in February)