Home From The High Seas

A while between updates, but I have been off for the last week on yet another cruise. This time on the Pacific Dawn again for a week up to North Queensland and back to Brisbane via Willis Island. Not been home all that long and haven’t been through all my photos, but here is a quick one from heading ashore at the Whitsundays. Was a great week and there shall be more updates soon!

Pacific Dawn



Well, the weather finally cleared today so I went out and took some photos before it turns sour again tomorrow. Pretty much the first time it has been good the whole time I have been on holidays (3 weeks). Hit up the Powerhouse at New Farm. It was good, I hadn’t been there before. Anyways, some of the results…

I also had a quick flaunt with a friends 135mm f2L and gee is it noice. Probably wait until I have a full frame digital body before getting one. The length seemed a bit awkward on the 40D.